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Still Hand built by Mick since 2007 …South Australia…Mobile installations available (same day) Adelaide metro and country regions

Mick Winch drum anchor winches “Surpasses all the others in Quality” we supply Adelaide,Canberra,Brisbane,Darwin,Hobart,Perth.Melbourne,Sydney and anywhere in between..    PH. 0422 339 350

MICKS WINCHES are made from Sandvik 316L Stainless steel… Quality Management

Sandvik Materials Technology consistently meets customers’ expectations and requirements for all products and services. We secure the product and material properties throughout the manufacturing processes by using the optimum starting material, advanced production technologies and the most rigorsolenoid1ous quality control. This is enabled by our fully integrated production technologies and in-depth experience in the development and manufacture of materials for demanding environments. Our quality management systems are approved by internationally recognized organizations. Sandvik Materials Technology holds, for example, the ASME Quality Systems Certificate as a materials organization, approval to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 17025, and PED 97/23/EC, as well as product approvals from TÜV, JIS and Lloyd’s Register.

Due to no Australian manufacture of winch motors or corrosive resistant gearboxes we only use Genuine Quality Italian drive components  on your Micks Winch…Real Italian Motors with Real Grunt and Real Power, And Quality solenoids From The UK with the highest recognized certification Lloyds of London the most respected in the marine industry..
” We Dont import replica solenoids or motors from  china hide them underneath covers  over rate the wattage’s cheap winches on the market still import cheap components such as solenoids and motors from china and big warranty’s  are not much good to you when it fails on the water.
There are many kinds of Italian gearboxes on the market from bonifiglioli to Motorvario ,Varvel to Transtechno,we have been offered  these units but refuse to use a cheaper Geardrive on our products..
The maximum wattage of a permanent magnet motor with two wires is 800 watts,Above this wattage it becomes a series wound motor that uses 3 wires.we have both kinds.
Higher wattage motors will not make a drum winch turn any faster its the ratio of the gearbox that does all the work, some models of  free fall winches  still wind up at the same speed but the speed on deployment depends on the weight of the anchor or electronic gadgets more things to go wrong.


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